A traditional service company



FRIGORIFICO MODELO S.A. is an agro-industrial company, spanning a wide and diverse range of activities:

:: Provision of cold chambers to third parties
:: Production and Marketing of concentrated juices and
essentials oils

:: Production and marketing of fruit juice

:: Manufacture and marketing of tube ice
:: Mixed farming activities
The Company is a registered open-end capital corporation that has been listed on the Montevideo Stock Exchange uninterruptedly since it was set up in 1929, enjoying considerable prestige in our country.
Initially it centred its activities on providing cold chambers and manufacturing ice. Over time it has incorporated other important activities in agricultural and industrial areas.
Our vision aims at becoming an agro-industrial referent, spanning a wide and diverse range of activities: that is to say, each of the agro-industrial activities carried out by our organization.
As a company our intention is to be ahead of the challenges posed by the changing environment, committed to seeking excellence, in close contact with clients, purveyors and working as a team with our staff.
Our mission is to offer a line of agro-industrial products and services, considering our clients' needs, developing activities efficiently and profitably, adding value to the company and benefitting our shareholders.

Client satisfaction.

Use of cutting edge technology in each of the branches of the company's activities.

Defence of shareholders' legitimate interests, in an ethical business context.

Practices in conformity with hygiene and safety standards, ensuring that our food products are sound while underscoring our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Development of a stimulating work environment aiming at continuous staff upgrading.


Industrial plants and services: Tomás Gomensoro 2906 - Tel.: (598) 2487 3017 - Fax: (598) 2487 3114 | Camino Bajo de la Petisa 5308 - Tel.: (598) 2315 3312 al 14 - Montevideo, Uruguay - frimosa@frimosa.com.uy - www.frimosa.com.uy
Mixed farming activities: Sr. Luis Fernández Echeverría: lfernandez@frimosa.com.uy - Ing. Rodrigo Fernández Abella: rfernandez@frimosa.com.uy