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Dairyco fruit juices are characterized by the particular care taken in their preparation in order to maintain the properties of fruit pressed at the optimum point of ripeness, without altering its aroma, colour, aspect or nutritional value.
There are various flavours in pet packaging: orange, light orange, orange-mango, orange-apple, orange-mandarin-lemon, and orange-carrot, multi-fruit and lemon.
We also have various flavours in 1 litre Tetra-Packs: orange, light orange, orange-carrot, and a new product: liquidized peach juice.

These products are sold on the domestic market by the main Supermarket chains and Hotels and others, both in Montevideo and in the rest of the country.

Liquidized peach juice:
This juice has a smooth, markedly fruity flavour. It is an important source of fibre, potassium and vitamins A and C. It has low sodium content.
Orange juice and orange juice with pulp
This is an important source of vitamin C, minerals and fibres.
Orange and carrot juice
This is a mix of 85% orange juice and 15% carrot juice.
The combination of these two flavours boosts the anti-oxidizing action of its components while eliminating the characteristically acid orange touch.
Mandarin juice with Orange and Lemon
This mixture is one of the main sources of vitamin C and minerals.
Seventy percent of this juice is mandarin, providing the natural sweetness of this fruit.
Orange and Apple juice
This option contains equal parts of orange and apple juice and has no added sugar.
Multi-fruit juice
A combination of orange, banana, strawberry, apple and lemon juice, it has the conditions and properties of all these fruits.
Light Orange Juice
This juice is similar to traditional orange juice but low in calories, without losing the nutrients that characterize it.
Lemon Juice
This product is used to season food and in the preparation of deserts and cake-making in general.
Orange Juice with Mango
Added to the nutritional characteristics of the orange are the properties of the mango, a fruit that is very rich in vitamin A and C, minerals, fibres and anti-oxidants.
Light juice of orange with carrot
Similar to traditional orange and carrot juice but with lower calories and without losing the vitamins and nutrients characteristic of the oranges and carrots.
  500 cc - 1 litre - 3 litres - 5 litres - 1 litre sachets.
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