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The company has two industrial plants equipped with 115, 000 cubic metres of cold chambers for frozen products and 38,000 cubic metres of chilling chambers to preserve perishable goods. It also has 6,000 cubic metres of controlled atmosphere chambers and 5 tunnels for fast freezing. We offer the necessary facilities to ensure strict control of the stock and traceability of the merchandise.
Our industrial plants are strategically located:
The Propios plant is located on Br. Batlle y Ordóñez, at a only 3 kilometres from the Port of Montevideo and 4 kilometres from the accesses to the city.
Plant 5 is located on Route 1, km. 11.5 and Camino Bajo de la Petisa, only 11 kilometres away from the Port of Montevideo.
It should be noted that both plants have all the authorizations required by the most demanding markets, such as those of the European Economic Community, the United States and Israel, among others.
They also have LATU ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Industrial Plants and Services:

Address: Tomás Gomensoro 2906 - Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone: (598) 2487 3017 - Fax: (598) 2487 3114
Address: Camino Bajo de la Petisa 5308
Phone: (598) 2315 3312 al 14
Sector contact: frimosa@frimosa.com.uy

Industrial plants and services: Tomás Gomensoro 2906 - Tel.: (598) 2487 3017 - Fax: (598) 2487 3114 | Camino Bajo de la Petisa 5308 - Tel.: (598) 2315 3312 al 14 - Montevideo, Uruguay - frimosa@frimosa.com.uy - www.frimosa.com.uy
Mixed farming activities: Sr. Luis Fernández Echeverría: lfernandez@frimosa.com.uy - Ing. Rodrigo Fernández Abella: rfernandez@frimosa.com.uy